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Who do you want in your business? Entrepreneurs or Leaders? Dave Ramsey asked that question long ago and discovered there’s actually a 3rd type of person they wanted to hire and develop… an EntreLeader. This is someone who has the drive and motivation of an entrepreneur, and the strength and vision of a leader.

So how do you develop these types of people? Well… Dave did what he does best, teaches. He started out by pouring himself into his top 3 guys, but quickly realized this information needs to be passed down to the whole team! So he started holding classes once per week for all current and future leadership. As he taught the sessions each week, more and more outside visitors began sitting in. When the guests outnumbered the team members, Dave realized that the world outside his company was hungry for a new way to do business! That’s when the EntreLeadership workshop was born.

So what does Dave teach at the EntreLeadership workshop?

First and foremost, EntreLeader business principles are born of and rooted in the truth of God’s Word. In a nutshell, Dave has taken Biblical business principles, as written about by Larry Burkett in Business by the Book, and developed processes and procedures around scripture to run his, and any other, business. Here’s how the workshop breaks down:

EntreLeadership Defined

Dave discusses the basics of leadership and how being an effective leader will inspire you to become a more effective entrepreneur. This brief lesson is the foundation for the rest of the workshop.

Dreams, Visions and Goal Setting

Dave teaches how to harness the power of creating and sustaining a goal-driven organization and gain practical tools to execute your goals in a way that is specific and measurable.

Goals are not just something Dave throws together in January each year, never to look at them again; they are literally the compass and accountability that control the activity flow of his team every week. Every one of Dave’s team members are required to have written goals. These goals are measured throughout the year to keep everyone on course.

Dave’s team wins because they know what they are aiming at. You will love the momentum your team will build as a direct result of implementing goals.

Time Management and Organization

Did you know you can add two hours to your day by keeping an accurate to-do list?

When you’re running a business, you constantly have urgent issues competing for your time. How you prioritize your time as a leader will ultimately determine the success of your organization.

Dave teaches how to:

  • Control your calendar
  • Train your team how to respect your calendar
  • Lead productive and organized meetings
  • Make time for things that are not urgent but still important
  • Make sure you’re taking advantage of the right technology available to manage your time.

Communication, Personality Styles, and Mission Statements

Every one of Dave’s team members takes a DISC and PIAV personality profile assessment in order to place them in a position in which they will succeed.

Dave teaches how to improve communication by using these tools. The DISC and PIAV give you clarity on:

  • Behavior of team members
  • Key reasons for success and failure in each individual
  • How to effectively communicate with every personality style
  • What creates gossip and backbiting and how to eliminate it
  • What personality styles best fit each position (every one of Dave’s team members is required to take this assessment as a part of the interview process in order to set them up in a position where they will win.)

Unity & Loyalty

Building a unified and loyal organization is the key to overcoming growing pains. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most unknown, misunderstood and missing elements of businesses.

Dave has built an army of first-class team members who are as passionate as he is about providing financial hope to everyone, whether they are bankrupt or building wealth.

Dave gives you the tools to:

  • Find and keep winning employees
  • Maximize team productivity
  • Develop champion leaders
  • Resolve and prevent conflict
  • Release highest areas of personal competence
  • Gain commitment and cooperation

Compensation – Show Me the Money!

Dave says, “People will ultimately only do what you pay them to do, so pay them in a way that gets them excited about creating a profit!”

One of the most unique aspects of Dave’s company is that none of his team members receive a straight salary. Everyone has incentive to think and act like an entrepreneur—keeping revenues up and expenses down. Dave shares generously in the profits of the company so everyone is motivated by the same opportunities for gain and fear of loss.

Dave shows you how to build compensation plans in a way to create this same passion in your team. He’ll teach you how to plan:

  • Salary compensation
  • Profit sharing
  • Commissions
  • Profit-and-loss bonuses
  • Benefits
  • What to do when it’s time to change compensation plans

Properly implement this and you’ll completely take the lid off of your team’s productivity level!

Team Math: Hiring and Recruiting

Hiring champion team members is the key to growing a healthy organization. Some hires are made out of desperation, which leads to bringing in the wrong people. This will usually cost you 3-4 times their annual salary in training, opportunity costs, team morale—and sometimes even theft. But having a plan for hiring the right people can revolutionize your organization.

Dave explains each aspect of his refined 12-step hiring process proven to attract the right team members:

  1. Pray
  2. Key Results Area
  3. Résumés
  4. Personality Tests
  5. Do you like them?
  6. Do they light up when they talk about the position?
  7. Compensation calculation, policy and benefits review
  8. Personal budget
  9. References
  10. Spouse interview
  11. Mission statements: professional and personal
  12. 90-day probation for the company and the team member

Dave also teaches how to set up:

  • Benefits
  • Employee referral bounties
  • HR systems
  • A reputation for being a weird and fun place to work

Team Math: Firing and Confrontation

No one enjoys firing or reprimanding a person. But, when team members fail, it takes wisdom and mature leadership to know how to do what is best for the company and the team member.

Dave gives clear, Biblical guidelines on how to handle the following difficult issues:

  • Character flaws in a team member
  • Moral and integrity failure
  • Incompetence
  • Laziness
  • Extending grace during crises in a team member’s life, such as divorce or a family member’s death
  • Are they in the wrong seat on the bus?
  • Or are they simply on the wrong bus?


To lead effectively, you have to master delegation so you don’t get stuck micromanaging and wasting time on things someone else can manage for you. Dave teaches how to put systems in place to make sure your organization works with a standard of excellence.

Recognition and Inspiration

Rewarding someone for a job well done is one of the most gratifying parts of leading a team. Dave teaches how he rallies the troops in weekly staff meetings and gives some cool tips on how to recognize your team in a way that means something to them personally.

People are starved for acceptance and appreciation. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it does have to be intentional. Dave will show you how to do it with class.

Accounting & Financial Peace for the EntreLeader

Dave has taught millions of people how to achieve financial peace in their personal lives, and he uses these same Biblical principles to run his business. Businesses have many more variables than a personal budget. Though the principles don’t change, the processes might.

Dave teaches how to:

  • Run your company on a cash basis
  • Budget to predict income, expenses and net profit
  • Make your accounting system conform so that it tells you what you need to know, not what it wants you to know
  • Master cash flow in a business that has seasonal revenues and expenses
  • Communicate with accounting staff or a CPA about key numbers and reports

The Art of Outsourcing: Dealing with Vendors (and Sub-Contractors)

Vendors may not be on your payroll, but they still can influence the reputation of your organization.

Do you have a system in place to ensure that your vendors and subcontractors have your same level of commitment to integrity, capacity, price, and quality?

If it has your name on it, then you better make sure it meets your standards. Dave shows how to make sure you receive quality from outside vendors and contractors.

Negotiating Contracts

You don’t have to be an attorney to run a business. But you need to have some basic understanding of contract negotiation to protect your organization, save you money, and provide you with valuable options.

  • Understand the red flags to look for when drawing up a contract
  • Learn the contract do’s and don’ts
  • Learn the key questions to ask of your legal professionals
  • Learn how to build beneficial options into contracts that do not ordinarily exist.

Personal Selling

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. Everyone on your team who interacts with another human is involved in personal selling at some level.

Dave teaches the same proven, four-step selling process his team uses:

  • Qualification
  • Building rapport
  • Education and information
  • Closing the sale

This system is not motivational hype. It’s guaranteed to work for anyone willing to properly implement these principles.

Marketing and Advertising

Dave helps you better understand some important aspects of marketing and advertising, including:

  • The difference between micro- and macro-marketing
  • How to create and sustain momentum in your marketing efforts
  • How the four-step selling process applies to every aspect of marketing
  • Product life cycles
  • What works and doesn’t work in traditional marketing
  • How to better understand and measure your advertising ROI
  • Strategies for ad placement, color selection, word usage and images

Making the Call

In the final lesson, Dave equips you with the necessary steps to implement the EntreLeadership material. You will be empowered to execute decisions that will introduce these principles into your work culture and personal leadership style. Dave provides the resources and tools to ensure you are prepared to go back and get immediate results!

How do you know if these principles and procedures are right for you and your business?

In a nutshell, if you run a business, lead people, or are struggling to manage growth, they are for you!

As a graduate of the EntreLeadership workshop, I have the knowledge and tools imparted by Dave and his team to help you transform your business. Email me at info@commonsensecfo.com or call Kirk at 402-658-7340 and we can discuss how to get started.

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