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Winning businesses and organizations have a culture of communication. What is the culture of your business or organization? Communication has been referred to as the map to the party. When everyone has a copy and the directions make sense, everyone shows up at the party and it’s a blast. Here’s a few tips for improving your culture of communication:

  • When in doubt, over-share and over-communicate.
  • A culture of secrets and missed opportunities, followed by fear, develops when communication is low.
  • The team is not a team without a shared goal and vision.
  • Develop a mission statement, not only for the business, but for each position as well.

A mission statement for each position is really the job description. Here’s a few tips for preparing the job descriptions:

  • The best way to develop job descriptions is to have Key Results Areas (KRAs).
  • The new team member hired for a new position should re-write their KRA to assist in communicating the understanding of the duties and expectations.
  • The KRA lists areas on which results are expected, measured, and reported. It is estimated that 90% of businesses do not do this.
  • The KRA answers the question, “What does winning look like?”

Communication Tips

  • Weekly reports that outline what was done this week toward the KRA (these should be turned in at a set time each week).
    • This incremental measurement motivates the team member because there is accountability to the KRA.
    • The written accountability is as much for the report writer as the report reader.
    • The weekly reports must be read and reacted to – even a small comment.
    • Structure is not important, information is.
  • Avoid email and voicemail as tone and body language are not present and can be misread.
  • A “hard copy” memo is needed when communication is important and a copy may have to be retrieved for clarification.
  • Set static, scheduled meetings because the crisis of the day will keep vital communication from happening.
  • Group prayer is vital – not only are we sharing a spiritual experience, but we are also communicating with the only one who can solve it anyway.

Effective communication is essential for business prosperity. If you would like more information about tangible ways to improve the culture of communication in your business, of if you would like to learn how a part-time, virtual CFO can help transform your business using the Bible as our guide, email me at or call Kirk at 402-658-7340.

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